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British comedy is no longer funny ?
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Williamhawk Çevrimdışı
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Kayıt Tarihi : Sep 2017
Mesaj Sayısı : 60
Kaçıncı Üye : 19658
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Ruh Halim
Neyizzz Bizzz??? | MaNYaĞıZZZ |
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British comedy is no longer funny ?
understand what you're saying Matthew and it's not so much the subject matter I was getting at, but the ability to confidently approach a 'bad taste' gag without fear of upsetting the audience or completely subverting a genre. Shooting Stars and The Mighty Boosh were two great shows that did just that.

Though, for this humour to work, there has to be some talent behind it. Tramadol Nights and Campus are two perfect examples of shows that tried to be controversial for controversy's sake, but neither was particularly funny - unless people saying 'Aids' and 'vagina' over and over again is considered funny.

I want the Aids riddled vagina jokes to be funny and thought provoking dammit!Thanks!
Please help.

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29-09-2017 08:09 AM
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